Sunday, October 23, 2011

Flight of the Peagasi and Into the Swamp

In our last session the kids had met the forest master who had suggested that they go to Xak Tsaroth and find the “greatest gift”. He provided them with Pegasi (Pegasuses?) to swiften their journey.

In the game I ran for the other group I had the Pegasi land them near the Que Shu village (much as they did in the novel) and they had to hoof it over the Forsaken Mountains – I decided to skip that with these guys and had the Pegasuses fly them over the forsaken mountains and drop them off at the edge of the swamp.

So into the swamp they went!!

At the fallen Ironwood tree they were ambushed!

There was only three Draconian warriors and one Wildcard Draconian sorcerer… but because of the order they were in and the Draconicans ambushed them – most of the heroes warriors were stuck on the far side of the water.

The sorcerer menaced them with a few fireballs. Both times Caramon took two wounds and was unable to soak them. The second time, Raistlin, who was also in the blast template, took no damage so we said Caramon had leapt in front of his brother to shield him from the blast and took the brunt of it.

Tasslehoff, who had been frightful in the very first game first game we played, took a pretty severe beating at the hands of a pair of Draconian warriors.

When the battle was over no amount of healing, mundane or divine, was able to help Tasslehoff or Caramon. So Tasslehoff is severely wounded and Caraman has perished…. Yikes!

Next time: Further into the swampy ruins!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Black Dragon!

The Fifth Session of the Saturday Night Savages DragonLance Campaign….

Picking up where we left off last week, the group wandered out of the building they were in and down a “street” (the city had sunk underground during the Cataclysm – the buildings on this street toppled together to form sort of a hall). The kinder insisted on searching EVERY building along the street, and when they got to the square at the end of the street they found a torrent of water gushing through it and on the other side another building with great steel doors.

Some decided to checkout where the water went and discovered it opened into a great cavern. The Kender (Roscoe Thorngage), however, had to check out the steel doors…

He somehow waded across the river without trouble – with a rope tied to him (just in case). He tied off the rope andLorena (“The Light Source”) crossed as well. The made their way in only to discover spectra minions waiting for someone to deliver their taxes – not having the taxes they minions attacked.

Now I’m not entirely sure how anyone was supposed to deal with these – the spectral minions could not be harmed by any normal weapons… and I don’t think any of the original members of the party had magical weapons… Perhaps Raistlin was meant to deal with these… So I let Lorena try to cast “Slumber” on them. A couple of them fell asleep as did the Kender.

Laurana continued to try and make the other minions sleep – so she could retrieve the sleeping Kender and retire. She just couldn’t get them all to sleep and the remaining ones attacked. Now on their own this wasn’t much of a problem because I’d given them a d6 fighting….

Curly decided something was amiss so he decided to cross the water and see if he could help out. Making it, he took a swing at one of the minions – SWISH – right through it making a loud klanging noise as it solidly hit the stone floor. Everyone woke up.

Curly then decided there was no use fighting them and beat a hasty retreat heading for the water… We’ll get back to him in a moment… This unfortunately left Laurana facing four spectral minion guards again. She tried “Slumber” again – it only worked on the Kender… So four spectral minions ganged up no her and had her down, slowly dying, in a round…

Back to Curly: Curly slipped trying to cross the torrent and was washed over the falls plummeting to his death 150m below… (Here’s how that worked” failed Agility check – slipped and let go of rope, failed strength test to just wade across on his own, failed second strength test, bennied it, failed again, last ditch agility test a -2 to grab slipper vine as he was thrown over the precipice – I think he might have even failed and bennied THAT and succeeded on the second attempt – but only because Magnus, who was standing there looking down aided him adding a +1… when I told Rick he was saved but lost his axe, he insisted that Curly would not have let go of the axe under any circumstances… I told him he would have needed a raise to grab the vine – which he had not done – so Rick said he went over the falls…. I mentioned that it was ~150m drop, right…? So I had to look up falling damage… 2d6+5 per 10m…. I decided to add a bit of chance in there and made it 2d6+d6 per 10m – my maths weren’t working at that time of night – trying to convert form feet in game book to tabletop inches… anyway I rolled 14d6 instead of 17 as I probably should have. the first mittful of dice I chucked came up all ones and twos and we, for a brief moment, thought curly might survive the drop… the second mittful of dice was less forgiving and curly took 30-some damage causing 6 wounds… no bennies left… Exit Crullen “Curly” Balckstone…)

Back up at the top everyone else was realizing the situation was becoming dire. The rest of the group bludgeoned their way across the torrent and, in an attempt to prevent a TPK I said that as soon as Goldmoon entered with the staff the Spectral Minions backed off (this staff keeps getting better and better – Oh, and I miust have been glowing, because the only light sources, up until now had been Laurana’s magic staff, which would have been snuffed out when she was, and Curly’s lantern – which just went over the falls…)

The end of the first encounter – water and rocks seem to be more deadly than any other adversary in this quest so far…

They dragged Laurana and the sleeping Kender out of there and patched them up as best they could – Norfindel working his near magical first aid and the staff helping out too…. They managed to heal three of Laurana’s six wounds.

After that they attempted to talk to some Gully Dwarves that had just climbed up the vines hanging down the inside of the great cavern. The group climbed down the vines – but luckily had tied off Laurana and Goldmoon – who were both seriously injured at this point (Goldmoon still having two wounds from hertumble down the sewer pipe last game, and Laurana now having three wounds from her encounter with the Spectral Minions…)

Crreping around they came to the Grand Plaza and spotted the Dragon giving it’s (not-so-spectral) minions to begin some sort of search, before retiring to her den.

Making their way across the less deep, less fast moving water they followed into the subterranean courtyard. Presented with a hall and a pair of massive double doors they chose the hall – because how could a dragon possibly open doors? They followed the hall and wandered down a few passageways and encountered some more Draconians:

Beating down the Draconians

After the encounter with the Draconians they decided to head back to the double doors – because the last hall they entered was clearly too small for a Dragon to have fit through…. And couldn’t possibly lead to a sneaky backdoor entrance to the Dragon’s Lair or anything…).

Throwing the doors open they strode down the great hall – stepping on pressure plates, sounding alarms… The dragon popped it’s head through the doors and the far end and filled the passage with acidic spray…. The players wondered if the staff might cast barrier? I decided it could to avoid a TPK before I finished the first module… So the mighty staff of Mishakel saved them from certain death (considering half of them had no bennies left at all…).

The continued striding to the end of the hall and entered the dragon’s lair:

Entering the Dragon’s Lair

Henry FitzArnulf charged in and Norfindel let fly with the arrows…

They battled the dragon for a few rounds

Eventually goldmooon was able to stagger up to the beastie and smashed the Blue Crystal Staff on it and they both disappeared in a brilliant explosion of blue-ish white light… then the cavern started to crumble and cave in…. and that’s where we left it as it was after midnight.

Next Week: Escape from Xak Tsaroth! (and Who Will Rick Play Now!?)

Lorena Whiteswan

Lorena Whiteswan - Wildcard Wizard - Amanda
Ag d6, Sm d10, Sp d8, St d8, Vg d8,
Pace 6, Parry 5 (6 ), Toughness 6
Skills: Fighting d6, Notice d6, Stealth d4, Spellcasting d10, Throwing d4, Knowledge: Arcana d10, Survival d4, Riding d4, Swimming d4, Persuasion d4, Healing d4, Investigation d4, Climbing d4,
Edges: Arcane Background (Magic), Alertness, Luck, Wizard
Hindrances: loyal, pacifist, Code of Honour
Spells: Detect/Conceal ARcana, Light, Armour, Slumber
Gear: Robes, Staff (Str+d4, Parry +1, Reach 1), Dagger (Str+d4), Backpack, Bedroll, etc.

Lorena was born in Solace just after her parents moved there. Her father, John Whiteswan, a master carpenter, was invited to move there by his cousins who’d lived in the town for a couple generations.

Her older brother (by three years), Arnulf, had been born in Solamnia. When he was 14, he was apprenticed to another Master Carpenter, who moved to Solamnia in search of work and Arnulf went with him. No one has heard from him since.

Lorena had four younger siblings that were born in Solace. Isador, her younger sister (by just a year) has always been a rival – and a bit of a brute – bullying her constantly. She still lives at home – exasperating her parents.

Gwenyth and Gyles, twins (four years younger than Lorena) get along with her quite well. Both are recently married. Gyles is a carpenter and works with his dad, and Gwenyth is married to one of her fathers other apprentices Morgan Hammermann.

A Third sister was born a couple years after the twins but died when she was only one in a housefire.

Lorena’s youngest brother Quinlan (10 years younger) is also apprenticing to be a carpenter under her father, but longs to travel and go adventuring like his older sister.

Lorena, showing an aptitude for magic, was apprenticed to a Wizard at the age of thirteen. The wizard, Rowena Lablanca, traveled a lot and maintained a number of households across western Ansalon in Solamnia, Ergoth and Abanasinnia. Every couple years Lorena would return with Rowena to Solace – sometimes for a month, sometimes a whole year, but eventually they would be moving on. After twenty years Lorena’s apprenticeship has come to an end – passing the tests at the Tower of High sorcery. She has traveled home to Solace to decide what to do next…

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Magnus Blackburn

Magnus Blackburn – Wildcard Preacher - Curtis
Ag d6, Sm d8, Sp d10, St d6, Vg d6,
Pace 6, Parry 5, Toughness 5
Skills: Fighting d6, Notice d6, Stealth d4, Persuasion d10, Investigation d8, Streetwise d8, Knowledge (history) d8, Knowledge (the Good Book) d8, healing d6
Edges: Healer, Charismatic, Alertness
Hindrances: Quirk (Loves Beer), Loyal, Heroic
Gear: Robes, Large leather and metal bound Book of the Seekers (Improvised Weapon, Str+d4, -1 to hit), 2 Daggers (Str+d4), Backpack, Bedroll, etc, etc…

Magnus Blackburn was born a short 32 years ago. Orphaned at the age of five when both parents died of illness he was raised by family friends in Solace. He had a decent enough childhood but never felt as if he really belonged. These feelings only got stronger in his teenage years and as young boys sometimes tend to do he ran away from home. He expected great adventure but was barely managing to survive after his small supply of food ran out. This is generally the way of things. Nearly dead, Magnus was found by a group of out of work mercenaries. Instead of leaving him to die they gave him food and water ( very odd considering they were mercenaries) and let him travel with them. Magnus proved an able travelling companion as long as he didn't have to worry about trying to survive. He was quick of wit and had a knack for understanding people and getting them to do what he wanted. Eventually, he joined their company and spent many years taking one job after another from whoever was willing to pay. It was during this time that Magnus did many things he wasn't proud of. Lieing, cheating, stealing, killing, these were not things that he had any interest in but he was accepted and because of that he stayed. Eventually his shame grew to be too great and he ran away once again. You would think that during his time as a mercenary he would have learned a little about survival but all he really gained was a love of good beer. On his own Magnus quickly found himself in trouble once again, lost without food or water. This time he was found by some priests travelling from Haven. Once again helped by strangers, Magnus found himself in a temple of the new gods. Here he learned of the Word and the true Way. Thinking he might have at last found a place to belong he joined the order and became a priest himself. Now he travels, preaching to all who will listen about the way of the new gods. This has allowed him to travel back to Solace and use it as a home base. There, he has met old friends and made some new ones.

Magnus isn't much of a fighter but can if he has to. He would much prefer to talk his way out of most of the situations he finds himself in and he's actually quite good at it. He is incredibly loyal to those he considers friends to the point of being foolhardy. Trying to make up for past misdeeds he has a heroic streak that is bound to get him into a great deal of trouble someday. Of course if he happens to find a good ale house he may never make it on to another adventure.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Darken Wood – With the Kids

Back at it with the kids again. I’d hoped to get another session in over the long weekend (since all dance classes were cancelled…) but we just ended up doing other things… In our last session, the group had been ambushed by a group of draconians disguised as monks. The group was victorious, but as they wiped the sweat from their brows and caught their breath they hear the far off sounding of a horn and saw more draconians gliding down from trees to the road ahead of them….

Starting this game they simply assumed they would be fighting them. I pointed out that there were "many, MANY more of them than you". They still didn’t see any other option. I pointed out that they could run and hide… They questioned how they would ever make it to Haven if they ran the other way and I explained that they could hide out and find another way to get their.

They decided that discretion was the better part of valour and scarpered back up the road. Only to discover that there were still more draconians gliding down from trees that way! What to do!? They were quite dismayed! So I gave them the white stag.

Much like in the other Saturday Night game they followed the white stag up prayers eye peak (evading the pursuing draconians) and through the crack in the mountain…

I love playing with these guys… They take everything at face value – not yet jaded by overexposure to formulaic fantasy adventure. When I first described Darken Wood as a “deep dark haunted forest full of malevolent spirits, that no one ever went into and returned alive…” to the Saturday Night Crew their comments were: “Well I guess we’ll be going in there at some point” or “Let me roll on my ‘Knowledge: Role-playing Games skill’ to see if I figure out when we have to go in there…”.

When I had the kids make smarts/common knowledge rolls and (upon their success) told them they realized that following this tunnel they would probably come out in darken wood the girls eyes welled up with tears and the boy had a distinct look of dread… I think the girl was actually certain that I was determined to destroy them all at this point (now, I know there’s GMs out there that view RPGs as a GM vs. Player competitive game… I ain’t one of those…). There was some debate between the two – go back and fight the draconians (I had told them that there were “hundreds” in an attempt to dissuade them from taking such an action) or face “certain doom” in Darken wood. At one point the girl eve suggest that they “just give back the crystal staff to the draconians!?” Cooler heads prevailed as I told them that none of them actually KNEW anyone to have ever ventured into Darken Wood… it was just something everybody “knew” (don’t go into Darken Wood, it’s full of evil…).

So they decided to take their chances with the evil spirits of Darken Wood…

The kids and the groups order of march through the Prayer's Eye Peak tunnel

They did meet some rather menacing Spectral Guardians that demanded who they were and why they were there. At first the boy explained that they had come there not of hteir own choosing but were fleeing evil lizard people – they the guardians seemed unimpressed. It was the girl who fessed up – Goldmoon introduced herself and admitted that she was bearing the Blue Crystal Staff. The minions led them on into the forest to meet the Unicorn/Forest Master that set them on their way to Xak Tsaroth on Pegasi! Yippie!

The session involved no combat just role-playing and the occasional skill or attribute check. The kids were rather shocked by this – thinking that all the games I played involved COMBAT! They seemed to have a great time none-the-less and are as stoked as ever to carry on!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Descent into Darkness

The Fourth Session of the Saturday Night Savages DragonLance Campaign….

Jackson finally made it out to a game and made himself a Human Ranger type (hopefully we’ll have a background for him shortly – AND MAYBE ONES FOR LAURANA AND MAGNUS!?).

Speaking of Laurana, for a (minor) pacifist, she had been doing a whole lot of “shooting first” last session… So I decided to take away her Bolt spell and replaced it with Armour – as it seemed to fit her character better. I did allow her touse her level-up from last session to take Slumber…

In our last session The Heroes had finally made it to the Ruins of Xak Tsaroth. Attacked by a dragon they sought refuge in the only standing building nearby – which turned out to be the temple of Mishakal. And that’s where this evenings adventures began!

Exploring the temple they found a statue of Mishakal that came to life and spoke to them, pretty much telling them what they needed to find (the Discs of MIshakal) and where to find it (in the Dragon Hoard)! While further investigating the temple they discovered some cowardly Gully Dwarves and were discovered by a unit of Draconians…

They were dealt with pretty quickly – due to about half of them falling asleep on the first turn… only waking up just in time to die…

After they were finished snooping around the Temple they descended and spiral stone staircase into the deep dark underworld. They discovered a worn trail leading out of the main hall they had descended into, but decided to check out some side passages. While trying to look down into some big cracks in the floor they head noises in an ajoining hall. They took too long trying to decide what to do – stay and make ready to fight or run and hide – and didn’t think to put their lights out… so they were discovered.

Another squad of draconians dealt with easily thanks partly, again, to the slumber spell, and partly to the unstable crumbling floor which sent a few tumbling into the vast blackness below….

Returning to the well worn path through the crypts they ran into another batch of Guly Dwarves all queued up in a hall. Unable to communicate in any sensible way with them they tried to sneak up to the room ahead to see what was going on. The ALL decided to “sneak up” and someone made a noise and they were spotted.

The two overseers were again knocked out by the slumber spell and they “dealt with” by other party members…

They discovered a secret passageway and the sewer tunnel the gulley dwarves had been using. In the first section they descended the Kender lost his grip and went sliding down – bowling down a group of Guly Dwarves who were coming up the tunnel. Regrouping at a junction, they decided to take the steeper tunnel down (as they Gully Dwarves seemed to indicate that that is where they had come from.

On this one too there was sliding. Goldmoon slipped and took out nearly the whole group. Rolling for some damage on this one most escaped with minor bumps and bruises (a couple were “shaken”). But Goldmoon must have hit her head in the initial fall and knocked herself out. Then, being unconscious bettered her head on the sides of the stone tunnel all the way down and fell hard at the bottom – she took SIX WOUNDS!! Luckily she soaked one… Then Norfindel worked his (nearly magical) healing on her (the fantasy version of First Aid and CPR), taking off another wound. The Blue Crystal Staff healed a further two bringing her back to her senses but leaving her battered with two wounds.

AT that point I suggested we could stop – most seemed ready to bash on until I pointed out it was midnight…. Amanda called the game as she has to teach yoga in the morning and kicked everyone out…

Tune in next week! Find out if they survive the dragon and find the mysterious Discs of Mishakal!!

Dragonlance With The Kids Again

It’s been too long since our first session (been having some scheduling issues – too many activities, unrealistic education program, etc… that’s all sorted out now, so hopefully we’ll be getting more regular gamin’ in!).

AS before the kids were pretty fired up. This session sort of introduced them to some gen-u-ine “role-playing”. Previously our games have been mostly skirmish scenarios – the first session they were simply ambushed on the road.

It is completely different playing with entirely inexperienced children compared to the Saturday Night Savages (who often joke about making a “Knowledge: Role-playing Games skill check” to “decide” if they should take an obvious - to them - hint or clue from the GM…). A lot of stuff one would assume players would clue into right away they just don’t get at all…A couple times I had to describe Goldmoon and Riverwind sitting by the roadside singing their song and asked if they wanted to stop and listen or carry on the road to Solace (they wanted to carry on!?) and ask “are you SURE!?”

Of course I’ve had adult players that walked right by the obvious clue – sometimes assuming that because it was SOOooooOOOooo obvious it MUST be a TRAP!

The adventure has played out quite different from the Saturday Night group. Here Tanis, Tasslehoff, and Flint met Goldmoon and Riverwind on the road and traveled with them into Solace. Meeting up with the others at the Inn and hearing the many runours floating about they decided to escort Goldmoon and Riverwind to Haven as the staff seemed rather important.

Leaving solace the next morning they ran into some dressed in funny bulky clothes....

These turned out to be draconians in disguise who ambushed them. The group took care of them fairly quickly – but just as the skirmish ended they heard horns being sounded up and down the road and further up the road they saw more draconians gliding down from thetrees and racing towards them!

….and that’s where we had to leave it off!!

Hopefully we’ll get another chance to play this weekend!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Xak Tsaroth

Raging ahead with my Savage Worlds Dragon Lance campaign this week, I was a little nervous about how far a head to be really prepared for - after last week when the players sidestepped and skipped by a dozen or so encounters I had lined up and found themselves nearly at the Gates of Xak Tsaroth!? Would they flounder in the swamp or bash their way to the very bottom of the dungeon and find all that there is to discover there!?

Christian didn’t make it out tonight, but I let the others play Henry FitzArnulf. They refrained from using him as a meatshield/trap detector. He even made it through the adventure free of injury, though his armour is looking a little worse-for-wear… Dragons with acid breath do that… but I’m getting ahead of myself..

I FINALLY got around to filling them in on the details of Goldmoon and Riverwinds past – having sprinted through the first batch of encounters they never really had a chance to catch their breath and formally introduce themselves to each other!?

And so, in the the swamp they went.

First they were ambushed by a group of Draconians as they tried to cross the murky waters of the swamp on a a fallen tree. This was actually their first encounter with the Draconians (having sidestepped said potential encounters last session).

Curly spent a turn or two frightened out of his wits until he could convince himself they weren’t GIANT bats… Roscoe Thorngage, the brick-like Kender berserker, went berserk and got his arm stuck in the sorcerer draconian as he stabbed his sword and arm right through – turning it instantly to stone.

Goldmoon and Magnus got into a bit of a theological tiff – trying to prove who’s gods were the bad-ass-iest. Goldmoon whacked one with the blue crystal staff (for something like five or six wounds) blasting it into a fine dust in a brilliant flash of blue-ish-white lgith. Magnus, not to be outdone, bashed one over the head with his holy book (improvised weapon, -1 to hit, Str+d6 damage – it IS 10 pounds and bound in steel!).

After finishing them off they came across another bridge guarded by draconians one tried to flee and was blasted by Laurenas magic missiles, The second sounded a warning horn, but was quickly silenced by Norfindel.

They happened upon a giant spider… who just happened to jump Curly (with “The Drop”), who was stung and poisoned and paralysed for a good few minutes. Laurena quickly blasted that with her magic missiles and splattering everyone with spider goo.

They scooted past the dragon breeding pool deciding it was far too ominous looking to be further investigated!

Henry FitzArnulf fell off a vine bridge and very nearly drown. He emerged from the water covered in a fetid smelling black slime.

Then they stumbled across the “Plaza of Death”!

Roscoe and Magnus went to check out the well while the others headed towards the intact building (the Temple). The dragon popped out of the well and made two straffing passes at the crew before they all made it into the (relative) safety of the temple. Magnus was pretty badly burned by the acid (like incapacitated “badly”). Henry escaped looking a little melted as well…

That’s pretty much where we left off. Hopefully they players will take advantage of that OLD RULE (concerning posting on this blog… hint... hint…) as they seem to be burning through bennies rather quickly!! (especially Laurena and Magnus… who haven’t supplied character backgrounds – they each only had one. Laurena because she was “lucky” and Magnus because Curtis brought Root Beer….)

Hopefully I’ll get a game (or TWO!?) with the Kids this week and get them caught up….


Norfindel – Wildcard Elf Ranger? - Dave
Ag d12, Sm d6, Sp d6, St d8, Vg d10,
Pace 6, Parry 8, Toughness 7 (9)
Skills: Fighting d12, Shooting d12, Notice d6, Stealth d6, Survival d8, Throwing d4, Tracking d8, Climbing d6, Healing d8
Edges: Low-light Vision, Woodsman, Dodge, Marksman
Hindrances: All Thumbs, Loyal, Heroic
Gear: Bow(Range: 12/24/48, ROF 1, Damage: 2d6), Long Sword (Str+d8), Sundry other items…..

Norfindel, a young Qualinesti elf of some one hundred and twenty years, had never felt quite at home among his own kind. Since early childhood, he had been drawn with fascination to the human and dwarven traders that frequented the borders of his woodland home. His mind would wander with these travelers, imagining adventures in far distant lands. Though skilled with sword and bow, and at one in the wild places as only an elf can be, Norfindel did not get satisfaction from the forest; he was not at peace, and dreamed of life amongst the other races, in the villages and towns beyond the woodlands.

His parents, both skilled healers, taught him their craft and loved him dearly, but struggled to understand his restlessness. They were not surprised when he announced his decision to leave the forest at two and twenty, but were sad to see him go. He travelled extensively, returning for three years here, five years there, always restless to set off again. Though always welcome at home, he was considered odd, and felt stronger kinship and loyalty to fellow travelers than to his own people.

Some thirty years ago, Norfindel had settled in Solace, living quietly as a healer on the edge of the treed village. He thrived among the quick burning spirits of the humans, and the years passed like days. Chance encounters led to a deeply satisfying quest five years earlier, with men, a dwarf and a kender, and the companions from that adventure had become his true kin.

Returning from a brief five year visit home to see his parents and further his knowledge of herb lore, he met up with these same companions. During his few years apart, thoughts of quest and companionship were never far from his thoughts, and his heart stirred with the desire for heroic adventure.

Roscoe Thorngage

Roscoe Thorngage – Wildcard Kender Berserker - Patrick
Ag d8, Sm d6, Sp d8, St d10, Vg d10,
Pace 6, Parry 7 (-2 when berserk), Toughness 7 (9 when berserk)
Skills: Fighting d10, Notice d8, Stealth d8, Taunt d6, Lockpicking d8, Climbing d6, Swimming d6
Edges: Lucky, Berserk, Brawny, Combat Reflexes
Hindrances: Small, Curious, Vengeful (minor), Quirk (sensitive about height)
Gear: Short Sword (Str+d6), Backpack, trail rations, rope, lockpick, etc, etc…

Roscoe Thorngage was born to a recently married Kender couple who lived in Solace. His father was a baker but had not yet gotten a solid business going. The couple had barely enough money to support themselves and knew they were not yet ready to care for a child. So, they met with a friendly Dwarven woman and her stout husband who, pitying the young couple, agreed to take care of Roscoe until they could support him.

Living among the Dwarves was hard for Roscoe, but he tried his best to fit in. He played with the Dwarven boys, and could match them in most any game. But, he was very self-conscious about his height and would often end up in fights when provoked. He visited his birth parents quite often, and grew to love them and Solace as much as his other home amongst the Dwarves.

As a child Roscoe’s only goal was to become a town guard. He was an energetic student but he could not always focus his energy, becoming distracted by many minor things. Still, he performed well enough in the classroom and at tournaments. His dream of becoming the first ever Kender on the town guard was coming within reach.

Yet reach was just the thing that Roscoe did not have enough of. On his eighteenth birthday he went to the barracks to apply for a position. At only 2’ 11” Roscoe did not meet the height requirements, sparking more teasing from those who did pass the physical. Angered and ashamed Roscoe left for Solace, with his few belongings and only a short (no pun intended) goodbye to his Dwarven parents.

He hung around Solace doing the odd job as a labourer, when he heard that a group, those he is with now, were getting together to go adventuring. Seeing it as an opportunity to redeem himself he signed up the first chance he got. The group split up and Roscoe, with some honour restored, decided to return to the Dwarven lands and live there for a while. After five years, he returned to Solace, ready for another adventure.

As he has experienced the world Roscoe has learned that his small stature can be a blessing as well as a curse. He has mellowed some but still dislikes the mention of his height. He often finds a way to put the one who insulted him in their place either by a returned comment or, less commonly, a good, solid punch.

Crullen Blackstone

Crullen Blackstone – Wildcard Dwarf Warrior - Rick
Ag d6, Sm d10, Sp d6, St d10, Vg d8,
Pace 5, Parry 7, Toughness 6 (7)
Skills: Fighting d10, Notice d10, Stealth d6, Intimidate d6, Throwing d6, Streetwise d10, Tracking d4, Knowledge: Ansalon d10, Survival d4
Edges: Brawny, Trademark Weapon (Great Axe)
Hindrances: Phobia (Minor – unnaturally sized things…), Curious, Delusional (must smoke pipe or lapse into coma)
Gear: Great Axe (Str+d10, AP1, Parry -2, 2 hands, Pipe, Tobacco, Kilt, Backpack, etc…

Crullen Blackstone is a proud member of the Blackstone line of dwarves from the hill country of Neidar. Dwarves from this line are particularly long-lived, and this certainly applies to Crullen, who, though still not elderly, has long forgotten his younger years.

For the last several decades, most of those who know Crullen call him Curly. Some assume he got this nickname from his baldpate or because of the origin of his first name (which means “to curl”). But the real origin comes from his habit of always having his pipe with him, which he puffs on throughout the day, with curls of smoke regularly seen drifting above him. In fact, his fondness for his pipe leans toward the addictive. He usually spikes his tobacco with snuff known for its stimulant properties - and he firmly adheres to his delusion that, if deprived from his pipe for a lengthy time, he’ll fall into a deep sleep and stay that way until his pipe’s distinctive aroma returns to his nostrils.

Curly is a wanderer, and his insatiable curiosity about the hidden corners of Abanisinia will doubtless keep him wandering for as long as his stumpy legs will carry him. His endless travels have kept him from starting his own family, and he remembers little about the family from which he came. He vaguely remembers having numerous brothers and sisters, but it has been over 100 years since he’s had any contact with them or his parents. He’s an agreeable fellow (though not fond of goblins) and has made many friendships over the years - including his present band of traveling companions, who have just gotten back together again in Solace. Previous to this reunion, the companions had gone their own way for a few years, during which Curly supported his traveling by acting as a guide/guard for various trade caravans, using Solace as his base of operations.

Curly has seen both wondrous and terrifying sights in his travels, and has a fairly strong constitution. He does, however, have one minor phobia. Although his dwarven heritage makes him a bit shorter than most of his companions, he is very proud of his stature – knowing that he is of proper height for a dwarf, and all is well on that account. Unfortunately, his fixation with proper sizes goes a little too far – in that he has a great fear of beings or things that are clearly not of the right size. Thus, his wanderings have taken many a detour around such things as unnaturally giant spiders/goblins/etc or unusually tiny vermin/livestock/etc. In such situations, he takes comfort from the great axe always by his side (a trademark weapon acquired long ago during his travels in Ergoth) - but in the end, there is no reasoning with phobias.