Sunday, November 11, 2012

At Your Door Session 5 & 6 – Dawn Biozyme

It’s been a busy fall….  All through October there was never more that one (or maybe two) players available on any given weekend, so we haven’t played this campaign since mid-September (At Your Door – Session 4)?! I have to admit, I’d totally forgotten what was going on and what was to happen next and didn’t have a lot of time to reread the entire campaign module… Nevertheless we forged ahead! Amanda (Dr. Sarah Berenstain), Rick (Lord Stang),  Patrick (Joey Roberts),  and Dave (Leonard Tipple) were all able to make it out the past two evenings….

WARNING: SPOILERS CONTAINED WITHIN - If ever you think you might play the Cthulhu Now adventure At Your Door, read no further! 

Saturday Afternoon – 21 July 2012

After their meeting with Det. Sgt. Joe Macklin, Agent Van Alden was called away on some other business and the rest decided to follow up on some leads involving Peter Tait’s ex-girlfriend and co-worker, Jenny Armbruster. They went by the address they had listed for her to find it had been rented out for the last couple months. They also checked out the gym where she worked out and found they hadn’t seen her either for a few months.

Next they planned to see if they could get a tour of the Dawn Biozyme facility on Monday and took Sunday off.

Monday morning Dr. Sarah Berenstain phoned up DBZ to see if they could get a tour of the facility and after being switched around a few times and sitting on hold for a while she was eventually told they could have a tour on Wednesday. With a very (VERY) successful (unskilled) persuasion roll she was able to get in Monday afternoon.

Before heading over to DBZ they checked in with Det. Sgt. Bolling to see if he had any leads on Jenny Armbruster – perhaps through the DMV? a new address?

In the afternoon they drove out to the DBZ facility and had a rather extensive tour (though they were not allowed into the P7 Lab area – for safety reasons). They also got to meet Dr. Howard Finely and asked some very pointed questions about the nature of the nature of the “Special Projects” going on in the P7 facility – including asking about the missing tentacle creature from the lab. When he denied knowing anything about any tentacle creatures, they showed him pictures they had taken of it. He explained matter-of-factly that he head no idea what they were talking about and asked where they had found the creature and who had indicated that it had come from his facility. They told them that it had come from Peter Tait. He told them that Peter Tait had never been involved in the P7 facility and was likely disgruntled after have been given notice a couple weeks back and trying to get back at DBZ with this elaborate hoax.

Afterwards they convinced their tour guide to show them the warehouses where they discovered some odd stuff. A foul-smelling, large room that had a chain-link fence within in closing over the central area that was covered with a tarpaulin… rooms full of foul-smelling carboys and drums all labeled with biohazard symbols… A locked room at the back…

They decided they must break in that night…

Without much planning or forethought they drove off a highway across the field from the rear of the facility and hid their truck among some bushes. They hoofed it across the field and went over the wall cutting the wire and disarming the alarms.

They broke into warehouse two and went directly to the locked room at the back. Within they discovered more of the tentacle creatures in the same Plexiglas containment cylinders they had see the previous one in. There was some large equipment that was determined to be some sort of large electromagnetic filed generator and a computer that operated in and seemed to be running some automated timing program.

Then the cops arrived.

Then the field generator sparked up on its own and some other automated machined kicked, lights came on in the big room, video cameras monitoring the room showed they tarpualin being rolled up exposing a large cylindrical pit.

The investigators tried to pass themselves off as researchers running an experiment and told the police to come in and shut the door as they suspected bad stuff was about to go down in the next room. Unfortunately the players with the most convincing arguments had NO PERSUASION SKILL and they were so busy trying to talk to the cops that the player WITH persuasion couldn’t get a word in edgewise… They were unconvincing.

Then some other automated deviced kicked in and Shub-Nigguarth appeared in the other room. Leonard Tipple had a heart attack, Lord Stang was terrorized and suffered a new Major Phobia (Darkness… MWA-HA-HA-Ha-Ha-ha-ha-haaaaa…). Joey Roberts was unfazed – he’d seen scarier stuff in video games. Dr. Sarah Berenstain was also unfazed. The cops, however completely lost their shit…

At this point we had to call it a night.

The following week we started "in media res"…

As things were at the beginning of Session 6; Leonard Tipple on the ground suffereing from a heart attack. Lord Stang shaken and suddenly not liking the dark any more. All the  cops shaken (except one).

We’ve started using the Adventure Deck. It just so happened that Dave was dealt a card that allowed him to immediately heal one wound – but suffer some permanent scar – so I said he pounded himself in the chest and got his heart started but was no longer incapacitated – but still suffering three wounds. Someone else had a Rally card that allowed all allies to no longer be shaken…

The Dr. Finley appeared with a whole bunch of short Asian guys (Tcho Tcho) armed with assault rifles.

I forgot to take pictures of the action. I meant to at least get a picture of when Finley bustred in with the Tcho Tcho… alas… Here’s what it all looked like at the very end:

To make a long story very short there was some resistance, but in the end everyone ended up having their hand zip-tied behind their backs with bags over their heads – then they were jabbed with a needle…

Roberts, Stang, and Tipple awoke some time later, individually, and alone in a cell of some sort. A windowless room with a concrete floor (which they were laying on) with a drain in the middle. A single bulb in the ceiling dimly lit the room. The only entry/exit was a large heavy steel door. Roberts was missing a leg, Stand was missing his left arm below the elbow and Tipple no longer had any toes…. The wounds were roughly sewed up and bandaged – soaked with blood and smelling terribly.

Dr. Sarah Berenstain woke up in the woods… naked… covered in blood and vomit… with a whole bunch of new deep horrific-looking scars…

Aaaaaaand that’s where we left it….

Hopefully Sheriff Carter Jones and Agent Van Alden will be able to return to the case next week to figure out what exactly has happened to these guys!? 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Expedition To Timbogo

Last week we were finally feeling better (or at least well enough to be playing games again...) but our friends who had joined the Greek Mythology Campaign were heading out of town. Rather than forge on ahead without them, we decided to try something a little different...

I set up a game set in the fictional African nation (or region, in this case) of Timbogo – the setting of many more modern wargames and adventures on the “Dark Continent”.

The scenario gave me the opportunity to explain foreign exploitation of African resources and colonization by Europeans. After that the kids decided they wanted to play the “good guys” (the African natives).

Central African region of Timbogo, Late Nineteenth Century.


The Lederhosen/Schnapps Expedition arrives in one of the last regions of Africa to be explored by Europeans. The region has thus far thought to be mostly devoid of desirable resources to be plundered combined with the fact that the area is so far from the coast or, until recently, any trains as to make exploitation of any resources not economically feasible. Also the rumours of the combative nature of the occupying tribes have thus far kept Europeans at bay. But as the map quickly gets gobbled up and colonies established the race for even the most desolate regions has picked up in pace…


Lederhosen/Schnapps Expedition has to press through off the other side of the table with all of their expedition gear.

The Timbos must kill or capture the Europeans and/or their expedition gear/porters…

I had come up with a system of victory points for the scenario, but I forget what they were…


Lederhosen/Schnapps Expedition
Heinrich von Lederhosen – Wild Card Explorer
Eric von Schnapps – Wild Card Big Game Hunter

African Porters
African Mercenaries

Local Tribesman

Kulumbo Ngonk – Wild Card Tribal Chiefan
Tribal Warriors
Young Warriors


(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The Africans make their first moves.

Kulumbo Ngonk leading the Timbo Tribal Warriors. The Young Warriors can be seen behind them.

The Lederhosen/Schnapps Expedition

The Lederhosen/Schnapps Expedition enters the jungle.

Unsure if the movement in the bushes is angry natives or angry wild animals Lederhosen and Schnapps don’t take chances and open fire!

The Timbo Archers ruch out of the bush and pin-cushion the African Mercenaries.

The Timbo Warriors move out!

Wait… what are these guys doing…?

Point blank fire fails to stop the charge!

The last African mercenary goes down in a hail of arrows.

The warriors contact Lederhosen and Schnapps.

Things go from bad to worse: the Young Warriors arrive to plunder the baggage train!

Lederhosen and Schnapps attempt to surrender… for some reason Kulumbo Ngonk accepts their surrender and spares their lives. Later Lederhosen and Schnapps secure their release with promises of fire arms for the Timbos with which they can overcome their tribal rivals the Bongos.

And things have been going downhill in Timbogo ever since…. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Isle of the Satyrs - Part Two

We finally got back to playing this campaign last week and had some friends join us. After making up some new characters (Callimorphus, Demetrius, and Artemisia) for them we played a quick encounter.

Following on from our last game our heroes were preparing to leave the island when the brother of the head Satyr (who was killed) arrived at the town looking for REVENGE!

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Dionysophenes with some of the villagers.

Callimorphus (with the gree shield) charging into the thick of it… followed (at some distance) by Athis, Demetrius, and Artemisia

The fearsome Calimorphus is injured by the Satyrs arrows!

Athis, Demetrius, and Artemisia (and Artemisia’s dog Cronos) ganging up on one of the remaining satyrs!

Their foes vanquished. There was much rejoicing….

That was just over two weeks ago now.… last week I was sick… this week the Andersons were heading out of town… Next week is Book Club…

So maybe we’ll get back to this in November!? (Unless I get in a game with just the kids sometime...)

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weird War Two at ToonCon 2012

Instead of running my regular Saturday night game last night I dragged my WWW2 stuff out to ToonCon 2012. I’d originally said I could run it for four, but planned to take up to five or six. When I arrived they told EIGHT had registered – I had enough stuff with me that I potentially COULD have run a game with eight… but with that many players it could very easily bog down and have players getting bored and wandering off. Luckily a few didn’t show up and I ran a game with five.

One player was a friend of mine from Calgary that came out for the convention (which is organized by a mutual friend). There was another participant names Amy, who I think is from Saskatoon, and three enthusiastic young fellows (I will call them The Three Amigos!) … I didn’t catch where they were from… One was named Jared and another Ethan… and I can’t remember other their friend’s name… or tell you which was which… (sorry guys...).

It was a fairly busy convention in a relatively small space and I found the room very LOUD. I had to shout – almost non-stop for the three and a half hours it took to play the game. So my throat hurts now... and my ears are buzzing. I also had to run around the table and stand next to anyone that was asking a question or saying something just to hear them. And it was a bit warm… Other than that thought, I think everybody had a pretty good time.


Stalingrad 1942. A senior Psionik with the BPO had detected the presence of a Nazi Blood Mage in Stalingrad. A team was sent to deal with him and hopefully capture the Blood Mage for interrogation and vivisection. When they arrived in Stalingrad the Blood Mages work was apparent – Zombies roamed about the streets.


Locate and Kill and/or Capture the Blood Mage.

There is an NKVD MG team at the start line that will fire at any Russians that retreat!


Leytnant Pyotr Iliyavisch Putin - Wild Card Platoon Commander – played by one of the Three Amigos
Ag d6, Sm d8, Sp d8, St d6, Vg d6,
Pace 6, Parry 6, Toughness 5
Skills: Fighting d8, Shooting d8, Notice d8, Stealth d6,
Edges: Command, Combat Reflexes
Gear: Pistol (Range: 6/12/24, ROF 1, Damage: 2d6)

Serzhant Alexi Timurvich Stanislav – Wild Card Platoon Sergeant - played by one of the Three Amigos
Ag d6, Sm d6, Sp d6, St d8, Vg d8,
Pace 6, Parry 6, Toughness 8
Skills: Fighting d8, Shooting d8, Notice d6, Stealth d6, Intimidate d8,
Edges: NCO, Rock’n’Roll
Gear: Ppsh SMG(Range: 12/24/48, ROF, Damage: , AP: )

Ryadovoy Sergey Vasilovich Kruschev - Wild Card Machine-Gunner – played by one of the Three Amigos
Ag d8, Sm d6, Sp d6, St d8, Vg d8,
Pace 6, Parry 5, Toughness 7
Skills: Fighting d6, Shooting d6, Notice d6, Stealth d6,
Edges: Brawny, Rock’n’Roll
Gear: DP LMG (Range: 30/60/90, ROF 3, Damage: 2d8, AP: 2, Bipod, Snapfire)

Borys Pavelvish Trotsky - Wild Card BPO Psionik – played by Shawn
Ag d6, Sm d10, Sp d8, St d6, Vg d6,
Pace 6, Parry 4, Toughness 5
Skills: Fighting d4, Shooting d4, Notice d8, Stealth d4, Psionics d10
Edges: Arcane Background: Psionics,
Powers: Detect Arcana, Mental Bolt
Gear: Pistol (Range: 6/12/24, ROF 1, Damage: 2d6)

Ryadovoy Nadya Petyanova Gorbachev - Wild Card Sniper – played by Amy
Ag d8, Sm d8, Sp d6, St d6, Vg d6,
Pace 6, Parry 4, Toughness 5
Skills: Fighting d4, Shooting d10, Notice d8, Stealth d8,
Edges: Marksman
Gear: Mosin-Nagant Sniper Rifle (Range: 24/48/96, ROF1, Damage: 2d8, AP: 2, Scope, Snapfire)

There were also Three Soviet Rifle Squads one started the game commanded by the platoon commander – the other two could be diced for whenever the Soviets drew a joker.
Soviet Riflemen (6)
Ag d6, Sm d4, Sp d6, St d6, Vg d6,
Pace 6, Parry 5, Toughness 5
Skills: Fighting d6, Shooting d6, Notice d4, Stealth d4
Gear: 5x Mosin-Nagant Rifle (Range: 24/48/96, ROF1, Damage: 2d8, AP: 2),
1x Ppsh SMG(Range: 12/24/48, ROF, Damage: , AP: )

Nazi Blood Mage – Wild Card Wizard
Ag d6, Sm d8, Sp d10, St d6, Vg d8,
Pace 6, Parry 5, Toughness 6
Skills: Fighting d6, Shooting d6, Notice d8, Stealth d6, Spellcasting d10,
Edges: Arcance Background: Magik, Alertness, Command, Combat Reflexes, Rank,
Hindrances: Bloodthirsty, Fanatic, Overconfident
Powers: Zombie, Puppet, Fear
Gear: Luger (Range: 6/12/24, ROF 1, Damage: 2d6)

German Protection Detail
Ag d6, Sm d6, Sp d8, St d6, Vg d6,
Pace 6, Parry 6, Toughness 5
Skills: Fighting d8, Shooting d8, Notice d8, Stealth d6, Intimidate d6,
Edges: Rock’n’Roll, Combat Reflexes
Hindrances: Loyal, Bloodthirsty
Gear: MP40 SMGs (Range: 12/24/48, ROF3, Damage: 2d6)

German Sniper- Wild Card Sniper Ag d8, Sm d8, Sp d6, St d6, Vg d6,
Pace 6, Parry 4, Toughness 5
Skills: Fighting d4, Shooting d10, Notice d8, Stealth d8,
Edges: Marksman
Gear: KAR98K Sniper Rifle (Range: 24/48/96, ROF1, Damage: 2d8, AP: 2, Scope, Snapfire)

Ag d4, Sm d4, Sp d6, St d6, Vg d6,
Pace 4, Parry 5, Toughness 7
Skills: Fighting d6
Edges: Undead
Gear: Bite/Claw Str+d6
Note: there wwere three or four Zombie Bombs – Zombies with bombs strapped to them and a crude triggering device attached to their chest – when they charged into close combat they could with a successful Fighting roll trigger the bomb. The Zombie would sustain 6D6 damage, the target (and anyone else in base contact) would get 5D6 damage, and anyone else within 2” got 4D6 damage. The bombs could be targeted with shooting which could detonate the bomb.


No one had played the game before so after shouting a bit of an explanation of how the game works and the mission for the team, I handed out some characters and had them set up at one end of the table.

Unfortunately it was very dark in the hall as well, so most of the few pictures I took turned out very, very out of focus. As I was trying to keep the game going, I also didn’t end up taking all that many…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The players stared at the bottom edge of the table. A few Zombies could be seen roaming the streets.

The Platoon Commander, Sergeant, Machine-Gunner and squad of extras headed up the one side, while the Sniper and BPO Psionik headed up the other.

The Platoon Commander, Sergeant, Machine-Gunner and squad of extras beat on some zombies and sprinted past the survivors. One soviet riflemen was lost to a zombie bite, another to a sniper shot.

The players pulled many, many jokers and the reinforcement squads showed up fairly early. The second was taken over by the Sergeant, the third which showed up a turn or two later was taken over by Shawn.

In the middle of the pic is the sniper having a sniper duel with the German sniper (in the top left of the picture). BPO Psionik wandering about in the open after having just exploded a few zombie heads.

Dead German sniper. I can’t remember if it was the Soviet Sniper that took him out or the BPO Psionik… I think they both had a go at him and caused wounds…

Feeling a little cocky, the BPO Psionk wandered into a building that turned out to be full of zombies. It did not go well for him… Luckily Shawn still had the reinforcement squad to play!

You can see one of the zombie bombs milling about in the back. After this crowd ate the Psionik they came shambling out to meet the second reinforcement Squad – lead by the zombie bomb which detonated and took out the whole soviet squad (and a few zombied too!)

One of the other zombie bombs had been detonated by the Machine-Gunner, which also took out a few zombies. A third, encountered later, was detonated by the Sniper – taking a few more zombies with it. Everyone thought this was great fun.

Amy, with Shawn hiding behind her and two of the Amigos sitting. About half way through the game. The Amigos characters (and supporting extras had just over run a machine-gun team that had been hiding in the same building the sniper had been in.

Shawn’s reinforcement team mopping up Zombies.

The Blood Mage was finally located and the Three Amigos characters (and supporting extras) charged in!

The Blood Mage was actually taken out by his own minders – who were under orders to, under no circumstances, to allow him to fall into enemy hands alive. When three of the Protection Detail had been taken out, the remaining two riddled the Blood Mage at point blank range on their next activation.

(It was also getting late... I was getting tired...) 

The Sniper took out the last of the Protection Detail with a pretty awesome shot through a window…

Started at 7:30, ended around 11PM – three and a half hours of non-stop, action-packed fun…. Thanks to all that participated and thanks to John Burt for organizing the event. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

At Your Door Session 4

Christian is back from Bordern and joined us this evening with Agent Norman Van Alden of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defence. Amanda (Dr. Sarah Berenstain), Rick (Lord Stang),  Patrick (Joey Roberts),  and Dave (Leonard Tipple) were also able to make it out this evening….

I’ve been a little distracted by the arrival of Force on Force and so a bit too much of my hobby-reading time was taken up by that and thus I wasn’t as prepared for this evening as I might have liked. Fortunately Christian is a fantastic role-player and much of the evening was “bringing him up to speed” through his characters interview of the others when he arrived on the scene…

WARNING: SPOILERS CONTAINED WITHIN - If ever you think you might play the Cthulhu Now adventure At Your Door, read no further! 

Thursday Night – 19 July 2012

The investigators began the session in the town of Delilah, awaiting the arrival of the authorities. A 9-1-1 call had been placed to report the dead body they’d found on Peter Tait’s recently acquired farm.

Sheriff Carter Jones got an urgent call from his own deputy insisting that he return immediately as there was a situation in town that required his immediate presence (Curtis couldn't make it out tonight).

The local deputy arrived first and, after questioning the characters about the nature and location of the body and their involvement in it, suggested that they wait for the arrival of the State Police that were also on the way so they could show them the way to the farm.

When all had arrived (it was now well after midnight) they proceeded to Tait’s farm. The police refused to allow them to drive out into the field as it might upset any evidence. The player characters were unwilling to walk out into the field in the dark – covered as it was in the red plants. So the police proceeded on their own.

 The player characrers watched them walk – or rather their flashlights bob about – expecting them to be attacked at any moment. They heard oaths being issued (as well as some vomit) when they arrived at the “scarecrow” and the police beat a hasty retreat back to the cars on the road by the gate entrance to the farm.

It was decided that it would be best to call in the Feds on this one. One of the State Troopers was posted guard over the farm and the rest drove back into town to make calls and find a place to stay for the rest of the night.

Friday – 20 July 2012

It was about noon when a pair of FBI agents arrived from Samson. After a brief q&A they also proceeded out to the farm. Found a state trooper still on guard (a different one as the previous one had been relieved). The FBI agents took a brief look around, looked at each other and decided it was time to call “The OTHER Bureau”…

Around suppertime Agents Van Alden and Mackie of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense arrived in Delilah. Van Alden questioned the PCs extensively (bringing him up to speed on the investigation so far…). This was a lot of fun to play out… Agent Mackie was dispatched into Samson to recover the “sample” Peter Tait had provided and start looking into a few leads.

While they were talking however they heard sirens in the distance coming quickly toward Delilah. Apparently when the FBI Forensics team, which had arrived in the afternoon and proceeded to record the scene)=, had tried to cut the body down from the posts they were attacked. It wasn’t quite clear what they were attacked by. The body?  The plants!?

Everyone quickly made it out to the farm where they found a few of the FBI team and the State troopers in a panic – mostly hiding behind their cars witht their guns drawn – but not entirely sure who or what to shoot at. There was a member of the forensics team lying in the field looking like they were tangled in assorted plant material and darkness was quickly falling around them.

At this point Agent Van Alden started making plans to have the place razed by fire and called in a BPRD sampling and containment team. After those plans were made Agent Van Alden, Lord Stang, Leonard Tipple and Joey Roberts decided to drive out into the field to try and recover the FBI forensics team member. Hanging out the back of the rental Hummer, Agent Van Alden was liberally sloshing gasoline about from the cans they’d brought along and started lighting fires.

When they were able to approach the FBI forensics team member they could see that he was clearly dead and looked as though he’d been strangled to death. Agent Van Alden made the call that they would not try to recover the bodies but burned them right there.

The BPRD team arrived took samples and burned the rest of the place down after Agent Van Alden had a look around at the Greenhouse and farmyard. Though it seemed rather creepy in the dark – it seemed far less… active…?

 Saturday 21 July 2012

In the wee hours all drove back to Samson. During the drive back they learned of the Theatre shooting in Colorado...

Sarah realized she'd missed a number of anxious text messages from Jatik wanting an update and wondering why federal Agents had shown up at Zymotek, confiscating the "speciman".   She called him back to give an update and ask how to proceed.  Jatik said to continue the investigation into Tait's disappearance as he might still have useful information about what it was. 

Later in the morning they met at the Hotel for brunch and were contacted by Det. Sgt. Joe Macklin who requested that they attend the Samson Hall of Justice to answer a few more questions. Upon their arrival they were informed that when Det. SGt. Macklin contacted Dawn Biozyme he had been informed that there was no such “specimen” missing from their laboratory. Agent Van Alden assured the detective that, whether it had originated from Dawn Biozyme, a “specimen” of the description offered by the other characters was delivered to Zymotek on the afternoon in question and was now in the hands of the BPRD.

It was at this point Agent Van Alden found out that some of the attackers were in custody and requested that he be able to interview them…

At this point we had to call it a night.

Next week I am running a Savage Worlds: Wierd War Two game at ToonCon2012 - stay tuned for a report of that action. Hopefully the following week we’ll be able to get back to this adventure!

Monday, September 17, 2012

At Your Door - Session 3

Just about everyone was actually in attendance this evening…. Rick (Lord Stang), Patrick (Joey Roberts), Dave (Leonard Tipple), Amanda (Dr. Sarah Berenstain), and Curtis (Sheriff Carter Jones) were all at the table - only Jackson (Dr. William Blake) was absent.

WARNING: SPOILERS CONTAINED WITHIN - If ever you think you might play the Cthulhu Now adventure At Your Door , read no further! 

Noon, Wednesday,  18 July 2012

Picking up from our previous session, the investigators met at the Hotel Crocker for lunch. Joey Roberts and Leonard Tipple had spent the morning sleeping in after having spent most of the previous day in the bathroom after eating some bad burritos on Monday (Dave and Patrick missed last session).

After lunch they headed back to Peter Tait’s house (the missing microbiologist from Dawn Biozyme that had supplied Full Wilderness with the “specimen” that started this whole invstigation). Leonard Tipple spent the next twelve hourse or so hacking into Tait’s home computer – which turned up a whole lot of not much - other than extenseive contact lists of friends and co-workers and a name and address for a phone number they had found printed on a piece of paper they’d found in Tait’s car.

They tried phoning the number that belonged to a Harold Gall, at 2AM – they’d tried a number of times during the day with no answer. A rather abrasive and rude individual answered and, after a very brief conversation, hung up. Wanting to know a bit more from Mr. Gall they headed to the address.

Mr. Gall turned out to be a thoroughly foul individual, but the investigators managed to talk their way in and attempt to get some information from Gall. They discovered that he had previously owned the farm that Tait had recently purchased, that Gall had also worked for Dawn Biozyme, and that, according to Gall, Tait had been taken by the Sewer People? Gall apparently was working on something to “deal with” the Sewer People, which he showed them. In a laboratory in the rear of his house the investigators were treated to a mass of animal parts heads and legs of all manner of critters (dogs, cats, skunks, rats, etc, etc…) all roughly sewn together – that Gall seemed to be under the impression that he’d be able to animate and send into the sewers to deal with the Sewer People!?

 The following day (Thursday, 19 July 2012), after sleeping in a bit they Investigators made their way out to Tait’s farm after picking up all the items on his “list of things to take to farm” that they had also discovered among the personal affects left in his car. They stopped in the nearby town of Delilah and talked to the locals about Tait and Gall and the farm.

At the farm The found evidence of someone leaving in a big hurry torn up bits of the yard and skid marks on the road and the gate blown off the hinges from within. The chicken coop seems to have recently been destroyed, but otherwise there was no immediate sign of anything untoward in the farmyard itself. In the field, however, they discovered a great many red plants growing out of the carcasses of many critters scattered about the fields. There was also a greenhouse that was absoloutly crammed with plants exhibiting some bizarre and unnatural grown.

Sheriff Jones was positive that one had moved for him and filled it full of lead. He was quite convinced that the plants on the farm were the unnatural byproducts of aliens fornicating with plants and advocated that the whole place be burnt to the ground! (I say we get us 10 canisters of Round Up, roll them in there and defoliate the whole Effing mess…” or something like that…)

Dr. Berenstain, however, insisted that none of the “evidence” be disturbed. She was convinced that Jatik at Full Wilderness would want to know about this place and have a chance to study it… “Clearly this is an important species we’re dealing with and I don’t think you or I or anyone has the right to arbitrarily exterminate it…” (or… something like that…)

I believe Sheriff Jones may have muttered something about taking off and nuking the site from orbit…

They decided that Tait wasn’t here and things best be left alone and turned over to Full Wilderness or the police or someone other than themselves and it was time to go… It was getting dark… Bad things happen in the dark…

Just as they were pulling out of the yard, however, a couple of them noticed a reddish tinge to the scarecrow off in the field… could it be the light of the setting sun…? or was it more of those damned plants!? No one wanted to get out of the vehicles so they droved the rented Hummer over the field to the scarecrow which they discovered to be a teenage boy, held to the crosspiece by more of those unnatural red vined growing out from his ribcage, eyesockets, mouth, ears, etc… They took pictures and sped out of there as fast a s they could!

As there was no cell phone coverage in the valley they drove all the way to Delilah and called 9-1-1. The County Sheriffs office and State Police were notified and on there way. While awaiting their arrival to show them the farm, the investigators asked around town if there were any missing children and discovered one of the local farmers sons had run away a few months back.

And that’s where we left it for the week – awaiting the arrival of the authorities….

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Investigation Begins…

After over a month off we’re finally back at it… sort of… As Amanda was away in Vancouver when last we played she had to make up a character (Sarah Berenstain). Rick (Lord Stang) and Curtis (Sheriff Carter Jones) were also in attendance, Dave (Leonard Tipple), Patrick Joey Roberts) and Jackson (Dr. Blake) were MIA…

WARNING: SPOILERS CONTAINED WITHIN - If ever you think you might play the Cthulhu Now adventure At Your Door , read no further! 

Picking up from where we left off… play began Tuesday morning (17 July 2012) when Lord Stang and Sheriff Jones received a call asking them to attend the Samson Hall of Justice and answer some questions for Detective Sergeant Joe Macklin about the previous day’s shooting. They were met by Sarah Berenstain, a Full Wilderness employee, who would be replacing Richard Slakes as their liaison. Slakes had suddenly taken a leave of absence citing extreme anxiety over the previous days shooting! Berenstain would also be taking a more active roll in assisting the investigators (being a Player Character, and all).After some considerable questioning – which were all answered straight up and truthfully  and giving the police a bit more to work, with they were allowed to leave.

Before leaving, however, they were able to talk to Detective Sergeant Jack Bolling about the missing researcher, Peter Tait. As they were very forthcoming with their own information, Det. Sgt. Bolling was willing to share some of the information he had (Note – I gave Det. Sgt. Bolling a bunch of the stuff the Tait’s brother was supposed to have – I didn’t think the police would give up evidence to a next of kin less than a week into the investigation…?! Especially if there was a chance foul play might be involved). He even allowed them to look at Tait’s car – which turned up some more evidence – Tait’s journal, which was secreted in a slit in the mat under the drivers seat. As they provided this valuable evidence to the police, Det. Sgt. Bolling allowed them to make copies and read the journal, which provided a few new leads.

In the evening Lord Stang and Co. interviewed Tait’s brother - a big-shot corporate lawyer.

In the morning they met with Det. Sgt. Bolling to view Tait’s house.  After a search of the premises we called it a night. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Isle of the Satyrs

It’s been, shamefully, almost a month since our last adventure. I’d been kind of hoping I’d get a chance to finish the ships before forging ahead, but I’ve realized we could be waiting a long time for that…

In this adventure the ship (yet to be named) arrived at a small isle – which had a small bay and a village by the shore which the captain thought might be a good place to pick up fresh water and supplies and perhaps do some trade.

When they walked into the village they found it to be eerily quiet – almost like it was abandoned – though they saw the smoke rising from cooking fires and the occasional face peering out through the darkened windows.

When Athis entered a home she found a couple terrified and filled with despair. A group of Satyrs from the nearby woods had stolen all the villages children and were holding them hostage and demanding the villagers turn over half of all the food they harvested.

Our heroes said “fear not! We shall return your children! Just point us in the direction of the woods!”

Athis turned out to be an exceptional tracker (Keria just kept acing and scored raise after raise, with every tracking roll all game!). They found and followed a track into the woods that the Satyrs were clearly using to go back and forth to the village to haul away their booty.

AS they pressed on through the woods Dionysophenes spotted some lookouts in the bushes ahead (Finnegan was likewise hot with the notice rolls – despite the Satyrs being woodsmen, and in cover, and acing their stealth rolls, Finnegan just kept rolling better!? I’d initially planned to have a aroow whistle out of the bush and have the satyrs taunting/intimidating them from unseen hiding spots in the bush… no such luck)

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Finnegan (Dionysophenes) and Keira (Athis) – excited to be playing Savage Worlds again (thought yesterday we did play a game of Hordes of the Things).

As Dion pointed out the Satyrs hiding in the bush one of them scarpered and the others loosed off arrows at Dion and Athis.

Dion was hit and shaken!

Dion and Athis charged and dispatched the two Satyrs before they could even flee!

The others rushed up to try and catch the other, but he was long gone…

The though they should follow him but when I called for another tracking roll and Keira rattled out a couple more raises I pointed out that the main trail they’d been following went off in the opposite direction – should they follow the main path or chase after the fleeing lookout? They chose (wisely) to follow the main path. When I then gave them the option of following it as hastily as they could or slowly and cautiously and stealthily they chose the latter – had they chose the former I would have said they got to the Satyr camp before the lookout got back and may have taken them by surprise.

As it was they Satyrs were aware of their approach and ready for them…

Athis rushed into the clearing (having the highest card), and the Satyrs tried to turn her into a pincushion (having the next two highest cards) – after a soak roll she escaped with only being shaken… As she took cover in the bush the others rushed forward to help – one was downed by and arrow from the leader of the Satyrs. Dion had the good sense to try and skirt around the clearing under cover.

Unfortunately the sneaky Satyrs spotted him and headed him off – both hit wounding Dion grievously.  He slumped into cover and remained there for pretty much the rest of the game – unable to remove the painful arrow in his arm (unable to recover from being shaken)

Athis recovered and rushed out followed by one of their friends and attacked the leader of the Satyrs.

Athis cut him down and he tried to flee (I think doing five wounds!?) – spear through the heart. This prompted and morale test from the Satyrs which the failed!

The tables turned…

Athis and one of their friends rushed the Satyrs in the woods and cut down three of them, Their other friend the archer exchanged shots with another and eventually brought him down. The remaining two Satyr archers fled.

There was another Satyr in the clearing – who turned out to be very friendly. He had been taking care of the children and explained that it was the thuggish leaders idea to kidnap the children and most of the others went along with it. He could have helped the kids escape but it would have meant his own death and the thugs would have just gone straight back to the village and carried them off again – and they wouldn’t have been cared for nearly so well…

Our heroes friend that had been shot by the arrow, turned out to have just been knocked out and wasn’t seriously injured at all.

Upon their return to the village with the children there was much rejoicing. A festival was held in the heroes honour and their ship was provisioned with the finest foods and wines the islanders had to offer.

Of the other Satyrs one died, two were seriously wounded, and the other three lightly wounded. Though all had been taught a serious lesson and would not likely be trying anything like that again. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

At Your Door

The Saturday Savages started At Your Door this week. Curtis and Jackson actually showed up this week and made characters (Sheriff Carter Jones and Dr. William Blake, respectively). 


If ever you think you might play this adventure, read no further! 

The game started Friday, 13 July 2012, with Lord Stang receiving an e-mail from Robert Jatik of Full Wilderness (an environmental organization dedicated to the maintenance and expansion of protected wilderness reserves) who claimed to have an unusual and sensitive situation requiring his particular skills… so, over the weekend, Stang and his most trusted advisors (Joey Roberts, Leonard Tipple, and Dr. Blake) flew to Samson California. Before leaving however, Stang made a call to Sheriff Jones, to let him know they would be in the country and if he could help out they could pay him handsomely.

On Monday morning (16 July 2012) they met with Jatik who explained that he had reason to believe a company his organization funds research at was actually using their money to conduct illegal and potentially very dangerous genetic research (not what they were hired to do!). His evidence turned out to be some sort of strange, almost alien creature with many mouth-like orifices and tentacles…

Unfortunately the researcher that provided them with the specimen has also disappeared…

The first task, however, Jatik required of them was to escort the specimen to another laboratory to determine what exactly it was that they HAD!?

Along the way they were ambushed. Two truck and two motorcycles cut them off and a dozen, heavily armed men jumped out and demanded that they open up the back of the truck containing the specimen.

When Lord Stang made a move to go for cover and pull out his pistol the man covering him shot – everyone else went for their guns and an extremely short, extremely violent gun-battle broke out on a downtown street of Samson, California. Six of the attackers were wounded in the battle, and miraculously NONE of the players characters… Dr. Blake shot three of them himself!?

With half their number down the remaining baddies skedaddled.

The players' characters spent the rest of the afternoon answering questions for the police – who seemed more than a little suspicious… Their weapons were seized and they were told not to leave town… They were eventually able to deliver the specimen to the lab… and that’s pretty much where we left off.

Unfortunately we won’t likely be playing again for a couple weeks… 

Leonard “Tips” Tipple

Leonard “Tips” Tipple – Wild Card Forensic Accountant/Investigator (Dave)
Ag d4, Sm d10, Sp d10, St d6, Vg d6,
Pace 6, Parry 4, Toughness 5
Skills: Fighting d4, Shooting d4, Notice d4, Stealth d4, Intvestigation d10, Streetwise d8, Accounting d10, Knowledge (Computers/Hacking) d10
Edges: Investigator, Luck
Hindrances: Anemic, Bad Eyes
Gear: Clothes, Trench Coat, Cell Phone, Shotgun (Range: 12/24/48, ROF 1, Damage: 1-3d6) , Knife (Str+d4), Laptop

Since starting to work for Lord Stang six months ago, Leonard Tipple has been trying out some new lines … “They call me Tipple. Leonard Tipple. But you can call me Tips.“ He never imagined that accounting could be so cool. Well, actually, he had imagined it plenty, but never thought it would actually happen. Leonard is thrilled with his new job – a huge pay increase, top of the line computer equipment, control of a huge portfolio, and the opportunity for plenty of adventure. Compared to his years working at Grant Thornton in downtown London, this was like being in a James Bond movie.
Tipple had been one of several accountants assigned to Lord Stang’s portfolio at Grant Thornton. His deep knowledge of computers and a passion for reading fraud and commercial crime case histories led him to quickly uncover systematic skimming of hundreds of thousands of pounds from Lord Stang’s accounts. When Tipple contacted Stang privately and brought these irregularities to his attention, Stang was so impressed that he immediately hired Tipple as his personal accountant/investigator. Now, Tipple works full time looking into anything Stang invests money in and acting as a general get-information-for-me-guy. Stang turned out to be a bit of a gun aficionado, and had insisted on weapons training for Leonard and all his other staff. Despite his best efforts, Leonard’s complete lack of coordination and poor eyesight made him completely ineffective with anything except a shot gun.
Little Lenny Tipple had grown up in London, and though a bit scrawny and easily winded, he’d spent a lot of time in back lanes exploring with his buddies. His parents, Martha and Terrence, live in a 3rd floor walk-up apartment, and both work in retail in downtown London. They are proud of Leonard, their only child, though they are a little worried that at 29, he still hasn’t had a serious girlfriend. Martha is eager for grandchildren.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Joey Roberts

Joey Roberts – Wild card Streetwise Teen (Patrick)
Ag d10, Sm d6, Sp d8, St d6, Vg d6,
Pace 6, Parry 5, Toughness 5
Skills: Fighting d10, Shooting d6, Notice d6, Stealth d6, Streetwise d8, Lockpicking d6, Knowledge Electronics d6, climbing d4
Edges: Quick, Acrobat
Hindrances: Enemy (Minor: London Street Gang), Wanted (Metropolitan Police: Outstanding warrants for various crimes)
Gear: Clothes, Skateboard (run=d10, Improvised weapon Str+d4, -1 to hit), Submachinegun (Range: 10/20/40, ROF 3, Damage: 2d6, AP: 1)

 Bob Smith
London Tribune
Late last night members of the gang the Peckham Boys attacked and killed Daniel Thompson, 17 years of age. Thompson had been at a party where tension between two factions of youth led to violence. Shots were fired, but no one was seriously wounded. The use of weaponry sparked panic and people quickly fled the scene. Thompson took shelter from pursuers in a store but then decided against it, leaving the building through a back door; unfortunately the group that was searching for Thompson was just outside and assaulted him at the nearby bicycle racks. The attack lasted no more than a minute but in that small amount of time Thompson suffered multiple stab wounds. Bystanders tried to help Thompson but he perished despite their efforts.

The press got it mostly right I guess, but there’s more to it than that. I’m Joey Roberts, and if the Peckham Boys had done what they’d set out to do, I’d be the one dead in an alley. Here’s why…

The story starts before I had even heard of the Peckham Boys. My mother, Mary, is a very loving woman. At one point, February in 1994, most, if not all, of this love was directed to one man.  He loved her like she deserved for that month but then he left, no goodbye, no money, no anything. I had scared him away. I was born on October 18th that same year. My mom was busy with me and had a lot of difficulty finding hours that she could work but managed to get on as a nighttime janitor with various businesses on Lye Avenue and to secure a flat on Bournemouth Close. Between raising a child and working nights she didn’t get a lot of sleep but regardless of how tired she was she always put lots of love and care into both duties. This was noticed by her employers over the years, and by the time I was five the owner of a small grocer, Mr. Stanley Roberts, had offered her a much better paying job as a full time employee in his store.

A few weeks after my seventh birthday Mr. Roberts came and found me to ask me a question. He told me that my mother had been working for him for two years now and that it was going quite well. I told him that I already knew this, I wasn’t oblivious to what my mom did during the day and Mr. Roberts son Gabriel, who was two years older than me, and I often talked when we played football with the other kids. Then he told me that he was going to ask my mother to marry him. Mr. Robert’s wife had died a quite a few years ago from and he seemed honestly interested in being married again. I gave him a lame lecture about how he had to treat my mom nicely, lame because I didn’t believe that he would. I was right.

Five years later it was 2006, and my twelfth birthday. My parents Stanley and Mary and my brother Gabe got me a skateboard. It was awesome, and a lot of afternoons and evenings from then on were spent riding back and forth on Bournemouth close, attempting various stunts. I donated quite a lot of skin to the Bournemouth Asphalt Foundation.

Over the next few years other grocery stores moved into the area and were gaining popularity. By 2010 business was declining for my parents so it was mutually agreed that I get a job. Gabe was unable to work because he was studying Business Administration at Greenwich University. I couldn’t find work at first and I didn’t want to let my family down, so I turned to crime, none of my offences were more than petty theft, just enough to make it look like I had a minimum wage job. It was during this time that I got to know the Peckham Boys, who was involved and what their territory was, I had to be careful where and who I stole from.  I had a few close calls with the police and it was only a matter of time until I got caught. Luckily for me I had kept looking for work.

I was hired by Hermes Couriers, and started work quite promptly. Within six months I had risen through the ranks and was getting more difficult but more rewarding jobs. I carried important documents for various businesses in central London and eventually was even carrying messages and documents for nobility. There was this one man, Lord Stang, who often had papers and packages delivered to and from obscure locations. He’d need a document delivered to an apparent drunk at King’s Cross station one day and then an amazingly heavy package would be sent to him from an accountant the next. I never asked questions, though I did wonder. I just rode between destinations and dropped off the package or envelope. Though sometimes it took a little work and a few questions to find the places Stang sent and received stuff from. Anyway, Stang took notice to my punctuality and offered me a job. He wasn’t specific on the job details, but it was a good offer and I needed the money.

Now, the reason that the Peckham Boys don’t like me. Stang is eccentric, he likes the superhero save the day kind of stuff, and he was looking into some gang activity in central London. So, I told him what I knew about the Peckham Boys. With this information Stang was able to uncover a major drug house and put a few people in jail, which is great. The only problem is that the Peckham Boys found out it was me who told him. Now, they’re on the lookout for me. Stang’s been able to arrange pretty good protection for my family so they’re safe for now.

What I’m really saying is maybe Daniel Thompson was at the wrong party, but that’s not why he’s dead. He’s dead because he was going to hide in a grocery store owned by the parents of an ex-criminal who ratted out some of the Peckham Boys and looks a lot like him.